Jason Kelce Ecstatic Reaction to Taylor Swift New Height Cap at Coachella

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift attended Coachella this weekend. Fans and press outlets were astounded to see the world’s most famous pair merely walking through the throng with regular people as they were near the stage for Dom Dolla and Ice Spice and spotted backstage during the Bleachers performance.



Travis Kelce Opens Up About ‘Fun’ Weekend at Coachella with Taylor Swift



Kelce briefly pulled Swift into the air during the Dom Dolla performance, which shouldn’t have come as a surprise given Kelce’s 6-foot-5, 250-pound professional football stature, but the headlines the gesture sparked proved otherwise.



Most impressive of all, the Chiefs tight end became the first guy in history to get his girlfriend to wear a cap advertising his podcast. Kelce wore a Happy Gilmore hat and sunglasses at night, while Swift donned a green New Heights cap. If you’ve ever questioned Swift’s credentials as a trendsetter, Travis and Jason Kelce’s mother has never been in one of them.





Travis Kelce knows you’re thinking about him at his groovy indie gigs every week. Especially when the show was at Coachella and he was accompanied by Taylor Swift. It’s why Travis, at the insistence of his brother Jason Kelce, shared an inside glimpse at the couple’s April 13 date night at the desert music festival, where he and Taylor were seen enjoying the music with all the fans.



The brothers also mentioned that Taylor’s New Heights-branded green hat, which she wore at the music event to top off her otherwise all-black outfit, quickly became the most popular item on the merch website.

Jason said, “Sold out of the green hat real quick.” Travis Kelce has wasted no time getting his New Heights caps back in stock on his podcast’s website

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