Taylor Swift Had A ‘Terrifying’ Meeting With Travis Kelce’s Dad

Taylor Swift Had A 'Terrifying' Meeting With Travis Kelce's Dad

While the world is still coming to terms with the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift union, their relationship is progressing rapidly.



Public appearances and meeting parents are two signs that mark a couple heading in the right direction. Kelce was a bit uncomfortable when Swift met his father, Ed, at last week’s Thursday Night Football game.



Taylor Swift Had A 'Terrifying' Meeting With Travis Kelce's Dad



On his “New Heights” podcast that he hosts with his brother Jason, Travis discussed the meeting while Jason added his own thoughts. “If you were watching the game, you saw something momentous happen — which was Taylor Swift talking to Ed Kelce,” Jason said. “He shouldn’t be talking to Taylor Swift.”

“This is a terrifying conversation,” Travis added. “I felt terrible for Taylor.” Jason said that his dad can be somewhat unpredictable, and not being able to monitor the situation made him squirm.



“Talking to mom, alright that’s gonna be fine. If you see dad talking to anyone and you can’t hear what’s happening, who knows where that conversation is going.”



Taylor Swift Had A 'Terrifying' Meeting With Travis Kelce's Dad



The brothers made sure their audience knew they were joking and noted that Ed is the “best dad in the world,” with Travis indicating his old man is where Jason gets his storytelling skills from. Apparently, Ed didn’t say enough to Swift to embarrass Travis, as the two spent the following weekend together in New York City.

Insiders have said Travis purchased a new $6 million home in a prominent Kansas City area. According to TMZ, Travis thought his old home was too accessible and didn’t provide enough privacy for the two.

Or, maybe he’s just trying to keep up with Swift’s expensive lifestyle.

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