Bengals’ Joe Burrow feeling ‘really good’ as latest news comes to light

Bengals' Joe Burrow feeling 'really good' as latest news comes to light

A week of rest is exactly what Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow received last week as he spent his bye week doing what anyone would do with a sore right calf.

“Absolutely nothing. Sat on the couch, rested, ate, watch football, lifted. So it was a good week.”

Well, maybe not the lifting. But he’s just like you and me for everything else. Burrow wouldn’t say that he’s 100% healthy entering the back half of the season but did offer that he feels “really good.” That’s at least better than where the San Francisco 49ers quarterback is at right now.





Upon returning from a loss against the Minnesota Vikings, starter Brock Purdy showed symptoms of a concussion and has since been placed in the concussion protocol. Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Sam Darnold would start in Purdy’s place if it comes to that.

Darnold won the backup job at the end of the offseason when San Fran traded another former third-overall pick, Trey Lance, to the Dallas Cowboys. Darnold signed a one-year deal with the 49ers at the start of free agency this year.



Bengals' Joe Burrow feeling 'really good' as latest news comes to light

Purdy and the 49ers already had the disadvantage of playing on a shortened week after traveling for the past two games, and now Purdy has one less day to go through the protocols and be ready for game day.

The situation will certainly be fluid out in Santa Clara, but things seem to have stabilized in Cincinnati.

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