Zac Taylor shuts down silly narrative about star player

Zac Taylor is confident in Jake Browning despite Week 12 loss

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor shut down a silly narrative that’s been going around this week about star wide receiver Tee Higgins.



The idea is that Higgins, who has been ruled out for this week’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, is making a “business decision” by sitting out for the third straight game.





Higgins hasn’t played since the Bengals’ win against the Buffalo Bills on November 5 while dealing with a hamstring injury. Taylor pointed out that Higgins’ injury was sustained just over two weeks ago. And he’s pushing himself in his rehab, but the team doesn’t want to him to suffer a setback.

That’s a reasonable approach. Hamstring injuries, after all, can be tricky. And it’s easy to suffer a setback with one. It’s not a surprise that Cincinnati wants to be cautious as he works his way back.



As far as the “business decision” narrative, that doesn’t really make any sense anyway. Higgins is set to be a free agent after the season.



Zac Taylor shuts down silly narrative about star player



The last thing he wants right now is to be watching games from the sidelines. Higgins would undoubtedly much rather be on the field trying to increase his value in free agency while helping the Bengals win games. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just trying to create a story where there isn’t one.

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