Zac Taylor Has this to Say After Bengals’ Win Over Seahawks

Zac Taylor Has Perfect Quote for Bengals’ Win Over Seahawks

The Cincinnati Bengals have climbed back to .500 on the season after falling to 1-3 initially. However, their most recent win against the Seattle Seahawks wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.



After coming out with two touchdowns to start the game, the Bengals offense never managed to put a scoring drive together again. The only other points came on a field goal following a Cam Taylor-Britt interception return that the offense didn’t even gain a yard after.

Even so, ugly wins still count in the win column, even if this one was about as ugly as a win can be.

Head coach had this great quote to say in the postgame press conference.



St. Xavier had a 21-14 win in overtime on Saturday, and this game could equate to that sort of low-scoring brawl.



At the end of the day, your team has to be able to win in many different ways. It can’t always be pretty. The issue is the same offensive struggles that seemed to trouble the team the first four weeks appeared to come back. Burrow was throwing behind some receivers, and the rushing game couldn’t produce in big spots.



The defense deserves all the credit in the world. That isn’t a bad Seahawks offense. Also, they forced Geno Smith into two interceptions after he had only one on the year previously. The pass rush also came up big in the fourth quarter, forcing some rushed throws and outright ending the game on a Fourth Down.



Zac Taylor Has Perfect Quote for Bengals’ Win Over Seahawks

This bend but don’t break style works much better when the offense isn’t sputtering in place. Luckily Cincinnati is heading into a bye week to get right.

Hopefully, they come back out of the bye revved up on the offensive side when they face the San Francisco 49ers.

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