Travis Kelce’s Teammate Defends Taylor Swift Against Haters

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce first announced their relationship to the world when the singer came to support him at a football game last September. This was also the first time many of Kelce’s teammates had met the star.





Justin Reid, a Kansas City Chiefs safety, recently talked out about meeting the pop sensation, praising Swift’s genuine personality. “The first time I met Taylor was actually… the same night she was publicly in the stadium that everyone knew, that the cameras were all on her,” Reid said on the Golf Underground podcast when discussing his Super Bowl victory.



Taylor Swift Speaks Directly to Her Fans, Emphasizing Travis Klece's Love for Her



He recalled how Kelce rented out the bar Prime Social for a team celebration after the game, saying, “Everybody at some point or another meets Taylor, and Taylor’s just awesome.”

Reid commented on Swift’s kindness, sharing, “She found a way to compliment everybody that she met that night…It was a really organic space and it was a lot of fun.”





Fans also loved how Kelce went about introducing Swift to his many teammates, with one comment on the clip saying, “I am impressed that TK really was very thoughtful in how he dealt with her fame and introduced her to his team and world.”

“I love it. The players are free to talk about Taylor. Ss if they’ve been given the green light ,” wrote another fan, appreciating that people are openly and naturally discussing the romance. Reid also recently defended the singer against the “hate” she got throughout the football season, saying, “I don’t understand why she’s getting all the hate,” while praising her again as he said, “She’s very, very sweet.”



Kelce and Swift have been together since connecting last summer, and the two are currently enjoying a break from work between tour dates and football seasons.

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