Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna, reads a special football story for relaxation app

Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna, reads a special football story for relaxation app

People who have trouble sleeping will try any number of things to get a good night’s rest. That includes music, sleep aids and, perhaps, counting sheep. And there also are apps designed to help people fall asleep.



That includes Calm, which has been described by Forbes as “a multifaceted meditation, sleep and relaxation app featuring a wide variety of offerings that encourage everything from mindfulness to movement. Calm features meditations, stories, music, soundscapes and more, all meant to lead listeners to a new level of, well, calm.” People who use that app will have a new listening option.



Donna Kelce, the mother of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, is reading the rules of football as a “Sleep Story.” Here is a description from Calm: “Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the game, Mama Kelce’s warm narration will coach you ahead of next season, while dozing you off to sleep.”



“Kelce’s Sleep Story will not only school you on all the football rules but is riddled with Kelce fam easter eggs like Donna’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe and a recount of the many football games she’s attended for Travis and Jason.” Kelce talks a bit about her sons, Travis and Jason, the former Eagles center, in her story about football.



“Hi, I’m Donna Kelce, but you can call me mama, everyone else does,” she says in the story. “I love being a mother of my two boys, a grandma to their kids and I love being America’s No. 1 football mom. … I’ve seen about a billion games. So I’ve not only seen the sunrise at early morning practice, staked out the best bathrooms en route to the away games and seen my fair share of cringe-worthy touchdown celebrations.”



“Whether you’re already a fan or you’ve developed a recent interest in the sport, I want to tell you all there is to know about American football. So get comfortable. And let me remind you of the rules you may have forgotten or never knew. And I don’t blame you if you fall asleep as I explain these rules. That’s kind of the point.”

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