Travis Kelce’s Ex, Avery Schlereth, Reacts to His Numerous Kisses With Taylor Swift

Avery Schlereth, Travis Kelce’s ex, recently revealed some intriguing insights about the Chiefs’ star tight end when reflecting on her relationship with him. Travis Kelce was dating Avery Schlereth prior to his relationship with Taylor Swift. Avery Schlereth and Travis Kelce met on the Catching Kelce show in 2016.



Kelce’s former recently made some fascinating observations about the Chiefs star, reminiscing on their time together. Avery Schlereth shares her thoughts on Travis and Taylor Swift.





Avery Schlereth, Travis Kelce’s ex, was recently interviewed, and she revealed some interesting details. The OnlyFans star reminisced about Travis Kelce, sharing facts that only she knows. “He is a goofball!, He’s sweet. He’s very attentive… and he was a good kisser!” Avery Schlereth had said.



But it’s been a while since Travis Kelce and Avery Schlereth ended their romance. Travis Kelce is currently seeing Taylor Swift, and Avery Schlereth believes the two are a good match. “They’re a good match,” Avery Schlereth stated as she discussed Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship.

Travis Kelce’s ex spoke about her experience at the Catching Kelce concert. Avery Schlereth stated that she believes it was a fan experience. “A lot of people went on to have fun, and if something came out of it, that was great,” Travis Kelce’s ex remarked about her experience at the Catching Kelce show.

Overall, from what Avery Schlereth had said, she appeared to be pleased with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship. She is happily in a relationship and focusing on herself and her profession. Travis, on the other hand, has long moved on from her, owing to the short duration of their romance.

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