Travis Kelce Sends Emotional Message To Tyreek Hill After Victory in Germany

Tyreek Hill, a former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver, was reunited with the team this past weekend. Despite defeating the Miami Dolphins 21-14, tight end Travis Kelce praised Hill after the game. “Seeing him live, he’s gotta be the best ticket in the NFL,” Kelce said.



“Seeing that dude live is the most exciting thing you can see in the NFL. It’s unbelievable. You put him with [Jaylen] Waddle and all the other speedsters that they have and that’s a damn good and exciting offense to play in, I’m sure,” via The New Heights podcast.

“You don’t always see success stories when a guy leaves an organization like Tyreek did, man it’s just good to see him. You know, it seems like he’s still enjoying life the way that we know him to and sure enough he’s looking like he’s going to break the record for most receiving yards in a season,” Kelce added.



“And I couldn’t be happier for him man…I don’t think he ever got the credit he deserved for being the best receiver in the league when he was here. I think him going to Miami and doing essentially the same thing he was doing here and taking it up a notch”.



“He’s finally being regarded as the best receiver in the league and I think that was something he always knew in his heart he was, and we were always telling people, but it’s just good to see now.”



Tyreek Hill has 69 catches for 1,076 yards and eight touchdowns in nine games. In just eight games, he became the fourth player in NFL history to reach 1,000 receiving yards. While the Chiefs limited Hill to eight catches for 62 yards and a fumble, he still has a good chance of breaking Calvin Johnson’s all-time single-season receiving yards record.

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