Travis Kelce Reveals Unexpected Connection With Taylor Swift’s Dad

Surprisingly, Scott Swift and Travis Kelce’s connection started years before his romance with Taylor Swift, since the “Lover” singer’s father knew an important Kansas City Chiefs family member long before the NFL star. During an episode of Travis and his brother, Jason Kelce’s “New Heights” podcast, the tight end stated that Scott shares his passion for football and has even played in college.



Jason was especially happy when Travis confirmed that Scott started as a linebacker but ended up playing center, the same position as him. Jason playfully pushed Scott to reconsider his decision to flip to a Chiefs fan, as the Swifts were formerly enthusiastic supporters of his team, the Philadelphia Eagles, before Travis swooped in and seemingly changed their loyalties..



When Travis and Scott arrived in Argentina to cheer Taylor on from the sidelines, the delighted father even wore a Chiefs lanyard. Scott attended the Chiefs vs. New England Patriots game in December 2023, sporting a crimson sweatshirt with the word “Chiefs” emblazoned in huge, strong letters.


Nonetheless, Jason handled it like a champ. During another episode of the “New Heights” podcast, he mentioned that the sweater fit Scott nicely, but joked that Eagles green might look better on him. Travis exclaimed, “He’s rocking it, man. And he appears to be having a good time — as does everyone else. His Eagles star brother remarked, “It’s the wrong team, but it’s a nice sweater.”



Scott may have switched preferences when Taylor and Travis began dating, but his familiarity with Chiefs coach Andy Reid most definitely influenced his decision.

When Andy Reid participated on the “Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gary” podcast in January 2024, he confirmed that he had known Scott Swift since his college football days. Reid shared how Scott introduced him to his daughter Taylor Swift before her relationship with Travis Kelce began. The revered coach also shared Kelce’s response after learning this knowledge.



“That was the last thing Trav wanted to hear, that I knew her before him,” he said.”She told him, ‘I know your coach, and he went, ‘Oh, God, come on!'” The longtime Swift family friend went on to say that he couldn’t more happier for Taylor and Kelce.

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