Travis Kelce Praises His Mom as ‘BEST IN THE WORLD’

Travis Kelce isn’t the only member of his family who has a hectic schedule coming up to Super Bowl 2024. Donna Kelce, the mother of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and his brother Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles, has been in the spotlight since both of her sons faced off in the 2023 Super Bowl.



In the months since, the NFL mom’s celebrity has only grown. Aside from Taylor Swift and Travis’ romance, Donna has established various partnerships and collaborations with brands, which she actively promotes across all media platforms. When asked at Wednesday’s Super Bowl press conference how he feels his mother has handled the additional media exposure, Travis responded without hesitation: “Communications major! Where do you believe my brother and I get it from?





Travis went on to compliment his mother’s qualities. “She’s a saint. My mother’s just an absolute sweetheart,” he told reporters on day three of consecutive press conferences since Super Bowl Week kicked off with Opening Night on Monday. Donna has collaborated with a number of products in the last month, including Heluva Good and Barefoot Wine! She recently spoke to PEOPLE about her new role as Ziploc’s Chief Leftovers Officer.





Donna has been asked a variety of questions by the media while promoting her latest ventures, ranging from her childhood recollections of Travis and Jason to her experiences sitting in Swift’s suite while they cheer on the Chiefs at games. “You can ask her anything,” Travis told reporters. “She’s very down to earth, very humble. Will never take the praise, she’ll always put it on somebody else and that’s why we love her.”



He continued, “She’s just been amazing and it’s been so cool to see everybody appreciate her and accept her the way that she is.” While the Chiefs player likely has a busy schedule heading up to Sunday’s Big Game, Travis has been rooting for her until then. “I’ve just been enjoying seeing her with all these ads and pushing her Super Bowl content,” Travis said at the Las Vegas press conference.

Donna recently discussed her Super Bowl schedule and how she intends to “take a step back” this year compared to last year. “This year, I’m going to take a step back and enjoy it,” Donna stated ahead of Super Bowl Week 2024. “I get to enjoy it this time”. Rather than stressing herself with another tight schedule, Donna stated that she intends to “just enjoy some of the fun of Vegas.”



She specifically stated that she would like to experience “some of the shows, some of the different plays, and music” that Las Vegas has to offer. But Donna’s laid-back approach to championship week does not mean she isn’t filled with enthusiasm. “It’s very surreal and it has been over the past year… it’s just exhilarating!” said Donna just days after the Chiefs clinched the AFC Championship title against the Baltimore Ravens on Jan. 28 to secure their spot in the Super Bowl.

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