Travis Kelce Posts Heartwarming Tribute to Jason Kelce on National Siblings Day

The closeness between siblings is genuinely unique, and the Kelce brothers are an excellent example of this. So, in honor of National Siblings Day on Wednesday, April 10, Travis Kelce shared a really nice and heartwarming tribute to Jason Kelce on Tik Tok.



“Had to wish my guy who loves made up holidays more than anyone a HAPPY NATIONAL SIBLINGS DAY!! ❤️,” Travis captioned the video. The film featured clips of Jason as a baby and a young child, as well as some fantastic and contemporary photos from his playing career.



Travis and Jason were seen embracing on the field in one of the photos. Plus, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end couldn’t help but include a footage from the playoff game at Highmark Stadium, when Jason removed his shirt in the chilly temps to celebrate Travis’ touchdown. Of course, footage of them embracing following the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory this season was included at the end of the video.



Travis’ caption was also spot on, pointing to Jason’s disdain for “made up holidays,” which he emphasized unequivocally during an episode of their New Heights podcast. This was especially evident last year on this very occasion, when Jason didn’t hold back his sentiments about the holiday.



“You guys know I don’t believe in these made up days. Put this day right next to National TE day, and National Kitten Day. I celebrate National “Take Your Made-Up Holiday and Shove It Day,” Kelce tweeted in 2023.





The love the two have for one another is special, so it’s a treat for fans to get to see them be their authentic selves each and every week on their podcast.

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