Travis Kelce on Handling All the Attention and New Game Show Gig

Travis Kelce on Handling All the Attention and New Game Show Gig

After “Extra” broke the news that Travis Kelce was hosting “Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?”, only our host Billy Bush was with the NFL superstar on the set of the show.

When Billy called Travis “the newest host in prime time,” Travis said, “Hello, TV-land. Come join us on ‘Are you Smarter Than a Celebrity?’”

Travis is already filming the game show for Amazon!



Kelce has all eyes on him on and off the field, thanks to his relationship with Taylor Swift.

Kelce said he is “comfortable” with the media attention, though. He said, “I think it was all the home videos my mom used to have with the old camcorder, the handheld joint, at the house. I just always felt comfortable with the camera on me and the lights on me… I love a good challenge. I get excited for a challenge. Something that I haven’t done before is something that really makes me focus… and there’s something about that that I got a love for.”



Years before becoming the world’s #1 Swiftie, Travis had his own search for love reality-style with “Catching Kelce.”



Would he ever consider another reality show? He said, “The reality show is in my past. I don’t think I’d ever do another reality show.”

Travis suggested that his brother Jason Kelce and his sister-in-law Kylie could “pick up the reality life.”

In February, Jason was on hand to watch Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl.

When Billy praised Travis for their brotherly bond, he said, “It’s just been so, really all throughout my life. It started as a young kid and really understanding the value of family and what it can do for you, and it injected confidence and excitement in my life and I’ve been so fortunate. I’ve been able to just follow his footsteps through life into the football world. And then, who knows what happens after that?”



“Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?” is premiering later in the fall as he heads back to the football field to try for another Super Bowl.

While Travis is back in the gym, he noted that it’s important to let his body rest for “at least a month” in the off season. He explained, “We put so much strain and stress on our bodies throughout the football season, being six months.”



Calling himself “so fortunate” to be able to play until February over the past few years, Kelce emphasized, “I’m every bit as motivated to get back and win another Super Bowl. That’ll always be my number one job until I retire.”

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