Travis Kelce Names His Pick For ‘Sexiest Man’ On The Planet

Travis Kelce Names His Pick For 'Sexiest Man' On The Planet

Who’s the sexiest man on the planet? Travis Kelce knows who he would pick. The Kansas City Chiefs star made his pick in the Instagram comments of his brother’s post over the weekend.



In classic Kelce brothers fashion, Travis picked Jason. He sounded off following a clip of his brother and his brother’s ex-teammate that went viral on social media.





“Sexiest man on the planet!! ” he wrote. Prior to that, some trash talk had gone down between Jason Kelce and his former Philadelphia Eagles teammates. “I’m more of a fan of your brother anyway,” Beau Allen said. “Join the clubm,” Jason Kelce responded.

“Better athlete, better celebrity,” Allen replied. “At least I’m better looking,” Kelce joked. “Better dancer!” Allen added.



Jason Kelce was actually named one of the “sexiest men” alive by PEOPLE magazine earlier this year. He took that honor in stride, too.



Travis Kelce Names His Pick For 'Sexiest Man' On The Planet



“I’m not even the sexiest man in my family, let alone the sexiest man alive,” Jason Kelce said to Philadelphia radio’s “WIP Morning Show.” “I mean, what are we talking about here?” Hey, take your compliments when you can get them, Jason

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