Travis Kelce Has Nothing But Praise For Chiefs’ Defense

The Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs game featured a battle of defenses and offenses. Both clubs are coming off a competitive high point in the current season. The Chiefs defeated the Dolphins by a score of 21-14. The Chiefs are 7-2 on the season, while the Dolphins, who have broken multiple records this season thanks to spectacular performances from Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa, are 6-3.



According to the NFL, the head coach of the Chiefs Andy Reid shared, “I’m not going to slight our defense. But I wouldn’t have guessed that,” “Typically two good offenses, that being the No. 1 offense, the Dolphins, in the National Football League right now.



“For the things that our defense did right there, that was a tremendous achievement. Obviously we got to keep it going. You’re just as good as the next game that you play in. That was a heck of an achievement. (Defensive coordinator) Steve (Spagnuolo) did a great job with scheming it. The players executed very well.”

The Chiefs’ defenses hampered Hill’s tempo, and they also stopped Tagovailoa from reaching the talents he desired in the game. With this loss, the Miami Dolphins scored their fewest points of the season (14).



The star quarterback of the Chiefs, Mahomes, also shared, “The fact that they’re so good at all three levels, they’re deep. Guys rotate in. They can play. It’s hard to get everybody snaps, that’s how good they are,”



“It’s got to be the top defense in the NFL. That’s a great offense. To hold them to 14 points where I fumbled in our own area for seven of those points, that’s a tremendous job. I think they’re going to continue to get better because they’re young and they love it.”



Travis Kelce also expressed, “I can probably tell you, halfway through the season, that this is the best defense I’ve ever played with,”

“They come up in huge moments, man. Honestly, they’ve been saving us in a lot of situations. But that’s why you play this team game, man. It’s why it’s the best game in the world.”

The Kansas City Chiefs will next play against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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