Travis Kelce Expresses Shock on Getting Taylor Swift’s Attention With His Friendship Bracelet

The Super Bowl imposes more media duties on the competing teams than any player could reasonably handle. That also means Travis Kelce has had to answer a lot of inquiries regarding his relationship with Taylor Swift.



However, the Chiefs tight end seemed to love discussing his burgeoning relationships with the 14-time Grammy winner. He has even provided some new information in the process.



Kelce talked with the media again on Wednesday, this time being asked to rehash the friendship bracelet story that started the courting. Kelce revealed on the New Heights podcast this summer that he constructed a friendship bracelet with his phone number to give to Swift during the Eras Tour.



He was unhappy that the bracelet never found its way to Swift. However, word of his disappointment spread, as Swift mistook it for “metal” and reached out.





n answer to an inquiry about it, Kelce stated that he never anticipated the friendship bracelet words to land — but he’s glad they did. He said: “Never thought it would have landed. I didn’t even think it would have landed or I would have gotten a response from her. … We’re here and we’re all happy. I know that.”

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