Travis Kelce Captured Whispering Flirty Song Lyrics to Taylor Swift

The celebrity pair is making the most of their time together before returning to work. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce returned from their Bahamas holiday to Coachella Valley, where they saw Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers show. Later, a fan’s video showed Taylor and Travis sitting in a secret spot at an event given by Patron El Alto, Liquid IV, and Levi’s. In the video, the singer and NFL legend can be seen kissing and hugging in front of a large crowd, seemingly carefree.



Despite not being set to perform, the 14-time Grammy winner attended the popular festival to support her longtime friend Jack Antonoff’s band, Bleachers, and Ice Spice’s performance. Some suspected that she and her partner, Kelce, may skip the event after their sushi dinner date in L.A. on Friday night, but they still showed up at the venue..



While the pai were dancing to ‘Satisfaction’ by Benny Benassi and The Biz, Travis was spotted whispering “TILL I CAN GET MY SATISFACTION” into Taylor Swift’s ear. The video was shares on X and it got lots of reactions from fans.



With the debut of Taylor Swift’s eleventh album only three days away, the pop queen is generating buzz the way she does best: with a scavenger hunt.



On April 15, the Monday before “The Tortured Poets Department’s” premiere on April 19, a strange mural appeared on the side of a Chicago building. The artwork is cluttered with “TTPD” letters and the number 13, which indicate that this painting is intended for Swifties. At its center lies a large QR code, and people have lined up to see it.



TikTok users who researched discovered that when scanned with a smartphone camera, the QR code directs to a YouTube video on Taylor Swift’s official page: A little clip with the message “Error 321.”

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