Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Plans Dealt a Serious Blow

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have just taken some time off work to go on vacation together. However, Travis Kelce’s work will bring their romantic getaway to an end. Chiefs T.E. will have to return to work, and he won’t be able to modify his schedule to accommodate Taylor’s needs.



Travis Kelce Response to Reporter Who Asked if He’s ‘in Love with’ Taylor Swift



Super Bowl LVIII Winner The Kansas City Chiefs have announced the start date of their offseason workout program, which is scheduled for April 15. In addition, the DailyMail reports that a two-day mini-camp will begin on June 11. In addition, Kelce must manage other work commitments.





Chiefs OTAs, or Organized Team Activities, will take place at various intervals beginning May 20 and finishing around June 6. The Chiefs are already planning their strategy, which might offer them a tremendous chance to win three Super Bowls in a row. Travis Kelce might benefit significantly from all of these events.

Travis Kelce, who is expected to go with Taylor Swift around Europe for her Eras Tour, would have to adjust his plans. The training camps did benefit the Chiefs, since they won the Super Bowl last season despite player complaints about the camp at the time. So it appears that Travis-Taylor’s getaways are over.



Taylor Swift is preparing for a large, lengthy European tour. The trip will begin in Paris and end in London, traveling through 14 countries and several cities.



The Eras Tour will kick up on May 9 and run until August 20. With her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, presently recovering during the offseason, many have speculated that the Super Bowl winner may accompany her on tour, but with the Chiefs recently released schedule, Travis and Taylor’s Eras tour plans will require some changes.

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