Travis Kelce Addresses Ignoring Biggest Warning From His Father, Ed

On the most recent episode of New Heights, Jason Kelce shared one specific thing that his father, Ed, prohibited his brother, Travis, from doing during football games. On Wednesday, the recently departed Super Bowl LII champion said that Travis, who won two more rings than his older brother on the Chiefs, was barred from hurdling, allegedly over other players, during games while growing up.





Hurdling is a legitimate football maneuver at any level when a defender is laying on the ground. However, if the defender is still on their feet, hurdling will result in a foul.

‘Our father prohibited Travis from hurdling,’ Jason, 36, stated on Wednesday’s episode of the popular podcast he co-hosts with his younger brother, as new Eagles running back Saquon Barkley was invited on the show.



Directly addressing his father, Travis replied: ‘Dad, those are instincts that got me to where I am. I’m going to f***ing hurdle somebody first game next year and end up on my f***ing head.’ Hurdling has long been a part of Travis’ game, as noted by the Chiefs tight end himself, who employs the tactic to get by opponents after being uncovered by teammate and quarterback Patrick Mahomes.



There have been countless instances of the three-time Super Bowl winner leapfrogging opponents in recent seasons, such as in 2022, when he overcame 49ers safety Talanoa Hufanga on a 27-yard catch and run.



He also had a 23-yard catch and run against the Titans. However, it ended with a dangerous hurdle, as Travis was flipped over by his opponent after colliding with him. Travis also has an outstanding hurdle from 2018, when he soared over the Patriots’ Duron Harmon, who was standing (but ducking) on his two feet, for a 17-yard catch and run.

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