Travis Kelce Acquires Kansas City Property After Sparking Engagement And Baby Talks

Travis Kelce recently purchased a fairly expensive mansion in Leawood, Kansas, just around the time that, his comments on rings and babies sparked, Taylor Swift engagement rumors began to circulate. According to Marca, the property is listed for $6 million and is located in a somewhat upscale neighborhood.



Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce couldn't be happier as they enjoy downtime together



The property itself is somewhat secluded due to its gated boundaries and has a strong security and privacy system. This news comes just days after the celebrity sung a portion of his beau’s Bad Blood song, leaving fans to speculate about a possible engagement with his mumbled comments.





For those who are unfamiliar, it all occurred during a podcast interview between Travis and his brother Jason regarding NBA star Victor Wembanyama. At the moment, he added, “You can’t tell me that dude wasn’t created in a fucking lab over in France. “Lab-grown diamonds, fucking NBA player.”



Shortly after, he turned away from the camera and muttered under his breath, “Can’t wait til I f*****’ make one.”

The moment Travis uttered this comment his brother cut him off immediately and issued a stern warning saying, “Don’t do this. Do not give any of these other conspiracy theorists anything else to latch onto, please.”



Kelce’s latest move showed his desire to strengthen his relationship with the global music icon as the couple will get enough security and privacy to enjoy their time in peace away from paparazzi.

Earlier, a pop pop culture lifestyle expert Valerie Greenberg told the New York Post that “Travis Kelce always comes to play — not just on the field, but in his everyday romance with Taylor Swift — sparing no expense.”



She added, “He isn’t afraid to open his heart and his wallet.”

The couple, who has been romantically linked since September 2023, are presently happier in each other’s company during their downtime.

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