Top Backup Option For Aaron Nola Identified

Top Backup Option For Aaron Nola Identified

The Philadelphia Phillies would probably do whatever to re-sign starting pitcher Aaron Nola as a free agency. But what if they are unable to? What will the Phillies do in such case? There’s more to it than Nola. Michael Lorenzen, whom the Phillies acquired from Detroit at the trade deadline, is also a free agent.



Lorenzen pitched a no-hitter in his second Phillies start but didn’t play much in the team’s postseason run. If the Phillies are unable to retain Nola, they will have to consider other possibilities. Another Detroit pitcher who would have intrigued them at the deadline if the Los Angeles Dodgers had not decided to acquire him first.



According to, Detroit Tigers left-hander Eduardo Rodriguez is a Top 25 free agent after opting out of his last three years and $49 million with the Tigers. Rodriguez had a 13-9 record and a 3.30 ERA in 2023. Aside from an injury-shortened 2022 season in which he finished 5-5, he’s been a reliable starter for the Tigers and, before that, the Boston Red Sox, winning at least 13 games in four of his past five complete seasons, dating back to 2018.



He allowed opponents to bat.227 against him in 2023 and ended with a 1.15 WHIP. He also struck out 143 times while walking 48 times. He was out for about a month due to a left index finger pulley rupture, but it isn’t likely to hinder his ability to find a new job.



At the deadline, the Tigers had a deal in place to send Rodriguez to the Dodgers, but Rodriguez vetoed it, stating he didn’t want to uproot his family in the middle of the season. The Dodgers were one of the ten teams covered by his no-trade clause.



Now, with the Tigers still rebuilding and coming off another strong season, Rodriguez may be an option if the Phillies need to back-fill their rotation with potential departures by Nola and Lorenzen

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