Tony Dungy draws major backlash following Taylor Swift comments

Tony Dungy draws major backlash following Taylor Swift comments

After recent negative comments aimed at the superstar by former NFL head coach Tony Dungy, though, it wasn’t an army of “Swifties” that came to her defense, but the NFL community.





Few people worldwide have a following as large as musician Taylor Swift. Following an appearance on Fox News in which he said fans were “disenchanted” by Swift’s involvement with tight end Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs, Dungy was destroyed by many on social media, including an extreme dressing down from Rich Eisen.

“Blaming Taylor Swift for anything to do with Travis Kelce or Chiefs or the state of the NFL or viewing enjoyment of it is the silliest/dumbest take I’ve heard in a long time,” Eisen posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.



While Eisen’s blunt response might have come as a shock, he wasn’t alone in showing disdain for Dungy’s comments. Not only was Dungy out of bounds in attacking Swift, but he was also dead wrong about the popularity of the NFL.





In 2023 alone, the league owned 93 percent of the 100 most-watched broadcasts in America, while no other sport made the cut. If anything, Dungy may have pushed those who once saw Swift as an issue to the other side – honorary “Swifties,” if you will. Every other sport embraces celebrities.

The NBA has always spotlighted Hollywood standouts and Swift has sung the National Anthem at the World Series. The NHL would leap at the chance of having the international star at games regularly.



The only person coming out of the situation looking foolish is Dungy, who fabricated an easily disprovable narrative to smear someone whose mere presence has drawn countless casual fans to the game of football.

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