Tom Brady Reveals Major Reason for Joining Buccaneers

Tom Brady Reveals Major Reason for Joining Buccaneers

Even the best of working relationships don’t last forever, and Tom Brady knew it was time to leave the New England Patriots when he joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020.



Tom Brady Reveals Major Reason for Joining Buccaneers



Brady said as much in “The Dynasty” documentary series, which will commence via Apple TV+ on Friday. The documentary recounts the Patriots dynasty, largely led by Brady and former Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, and Brady admitted in the documentary why he really needed a change in 2020.

“Me and coach Belichick, we did what we loved and competed for 20 years together. But I wasn’t going to sign another contract [in New England] even if I wanted to play until [I was] 50.”



“Based on how things had gone, I wasn’t going to sign up for more of it,” Brady says in the documentary via Chad Graff’s article in The Athletic on Wednesday.



Tom Brady Reveals Major Reason for Joining Buccaneers



Things didn’t click for Brady in his final year with the Patriots in 2019, especially due to a lack of wide receiver talent and the retirement of tight end Rob Gronkowski. Brady chose the Buccaneers in free agency because of a strong defense, strong offensive line, and a talented receiving corps with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.



Tom Brady Launched Buccaneers Into New Era

Amid Brady’s arrival, he also lured Gronkowski out of retirement and talked the Buccaneers into signing star wide receiver Antonio Brown, who had a 1-game stint with the Patriots in 2019.

Brady flipped the script of his final season in New England with a big performance in 2020 with the Buccaneers en route to a Super Bowl win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

His play only improved in 2021 despite turning 44 amid 5,316 yards passing and 43 touchdowns. Despite the success, Brady fell short of an eighth Super Bowl win though as the Los Angeles Rams stunned the Buccaneers in the Divisional Round.

After a brief retirement, Brady came back in 2022 and led the Buccaneers to an NFC South title despite Gronkowski’s retirement and growing pains under new head coach Todd Bowles.

Tom Brady Reveals Major Reason for Joining Buccaneers

Brady only threw for 4,694 yards and 25 touchdowns amid an 8-9 record, and he retired after that season. Despite Brady’s retirement, the Buccaneers won another NFC South title in 2023 and reached the Divisional Round with Baker Mayfield under center. Expectations remain high in Tampa Bay since Brady’s short tenure there.

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