Tom Brady Makes A Strong Statement About Patrick Mahomes

Tom Brady Makes A Strong Statement About Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be playing in his first career road playoff game (without counting Super Bowls) in a divisional-round match with the Buffalo Bills.



It comes during a season where the Chiefs don’t look quite as dangerous as they once were, but anything can happen in the postseason.





It helps, too, that Mahomes is one of the best playoff quarterbacks in recent history with a ton of experience playing in the biggest games with the most adversity. Another such quarterback, Tom Brady, said he believes Mahomes still can give the Chiefs a great chance to win even with a worse overall team than he’s had in the past.

“They’re playoff-tested and they’ve obviously got a QB who is going to give them an advantage in any game they play based on his mental and physical toughness and his ability to perform well under pressure in Patrick,” Brady said.



Tom Brady Makes A Strong Statement About Patrick Mahomes



“You just can’t count those teams out because any week, that guy’s got the chance to put the team on his back.” Brady would know the most – he’s one of the best postseason players of all time with seven Super Bowl wins in 23 seasons – one of which was against Mahomes.



Kansas City plays a Bills team hungry for a win over the Chiefs, though, after being stymied by them in several other playoff matchups in recent years. Mahomes and company might not be as powerful as they once were, but it’s impossible to replicate the experience in the toughest of games like Mahomes has endured during his career.

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