This Lip Reading of What Taylor Swift Said to Travis Kelce at Coachella Is So Funny

This Lip Reading of What Taylor Swift Said to Travis Kelce at Coachella Is So Funny

Celebrities pretty much can’t step out in public ~these days~ without either an amateur or professional lip reader analyzing their conversation.



Like, remember when everyone incorrectly thought John Krasinski told Emily Blunt he wanted a divorce? Anyway, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce‘s recent appearance at Coachella was no exception thanks to just how much time they spent in public—and thanks to Taylor not bringing her trusty fan.



According to lip reader @tismejackieg (who analyzed a buncha footage), Taylor told her fans “hiiiiiiii” as she walked by, then excitedly told Travis “oh my god, we’re in the front?” and introduced Travis to someone with a quick “this is Travis!”

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Oh, and at one point Taylor *allegedly* said “That was the best thing that’s happened tonight, sorry I’m drunk.” Which, again, .

Travis actually chatted about his and Taylor’s time at Coachella during this week’s episode of New Heights, telling Jason Kelce “I love live music, man” and “Saturday was such a fun, fun day man.”



Jason also asked Travis about him and Tay chilling with the crowd instead of backstage, and Trav explained “I like to see it from the fans perspective, ’cause I am. I’m a fan of the music, I’m a fan of live shows. I want to see it from the front of the stage. We probably could have finessed it that way, but I think it’s just that much more of an experience if you’re in the pit, man, if you’re in the madness with all the fans.”

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