These attitudes will prevent you from making progress in life

The young mother had cancer, and a few days left to live. No hair left on her head, and two small children to leave behind. She was going to die soonest. Yet she had what so many of us lack. She had something that is available to all of us, yet time after time, we leave it lying on the street. She had so little time, but wow, she still had it all. All I want to share with you herein are the attitudes that will prevent you from making progress in life.

But Why?

Because she had that key element within her. She had attitude.

Cancer had taken over her body – but it was never going to get her attitude. Cancel had shortened her life, but it was never going to keep her from living. She had no hair left, but she had more attitudes in her little finger than most people will ever have in their entire life. She had two small children, who she was going to leave with something more powerful than anything she could ever have possessed. She was leaving them with attitude.

She was going to die any day now, but her attitude would live on forever.

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What about you?

When you hear that story, what does it do for you? Does it make you say – that is great. Or does it make you say – what is the matter with me. I have so much and my attitude stinks.

The right attitude can move mountains. The right attitude can get you great possessions. The right attitude can help you earn great sums of money the right attitude can help you get almost anything in the world you desire. If your attitude is on target – nothing in life can ever stop you.

Below are attitudes that will prevent you from making progress in life:

Have you ever find yourself in a situation that seems nothing is working? And you’re wondering what could be the cause?

Our behavior and attitude to situations can be a huge hindrance to our progress in life most especially when it’s on the negative side.

In this article, and according to research publication, we are going to take a deeper look at some attitudes that can prevent an individual from making progress in life just sit back and enjoy.

1. Pride filled Attitude

Pride is spreading like an epidemic in our society. Pride is mostly visible in people who didn’t have to put an effort to get to the position where they are today, but simply inherited it from their family who worked hard at one point of time to build it. Pride is also visible in those who earn money through wrong means and hoard it. Pride can actually keep us from having God’s best for our life. And pride is visible irrespective of the profession, whether they are heirs to business owners, ministers, politicians, just anyone.

I recently experienced with one of the heirs of a very big ministry, whose offices are spread all over the world. The preacher preaches on almost every subject possible, but I saw pride in the life of the ministry staff and in the near family, who are in major positions of the ministry. God is very particular about humility which is the opposite of pride. Have pride in you for the love of God, not for material things. We also need to remember that God’s ways are unique – the easier He gives, much easier He takes away.

2. Procrastination

This is one area that can be seen as a killer to ones progress in life. If you’re the type that always gives excuse as to why you didn’t do it today and push today’s task to the next day or future, you’re obviously procrastinating and this will hinder you from making meaningful progress in life.

However, whatever needs to be done, should be done with immediate effect without pushing it to the future.

3. Not having a vision

Lack of vision and goals in life can amount to little or no progress. Research has proven that majority of great men in life are visionaries, and there diligent also at the things they do. You can’t afford to live your life by chance; you must be intentional about your growth and progress in life.

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4. Not willing to learn

One of the major ways to make lasting progress in life is by having an open heart that is willing to learn, relearn, and unlearn as you grow. Don’t be stocked with old knowledge and experience thereby resisting the interest to learn new things. This can hinder you from making progress with your life if you exhibit this attitude.

5. Not ready to leave your comfort zone

Your comfort zone in life is usually a place you seem very comfortable, relaxed, fulfilled and satisfied. Because of these factors, you are never willing to leave your comfort zone, the resultant effect is that it will reduce and limit your desire to strife for more in life and career. And this in turn will reduce your motivation to make progress towards your desired destiny.

6. Nagging Attitude

We may be having the best intentions in our heart but we could be a nag. Nagging can become the number one reason for ruining relationships. Nagging does not give breathing space to the other person in a relationship. No way can one win hearts through nagging, only encouraging words win hearts. If we first see mistakes rather than accomplishments, it means we have this attitude, even though we may not realize it.

I realized that in course of disciplining my daughter, I had started becoming a nag, which in no way was helping me or her. It was only making her irritable and stubborn. So I prayed to God and God spoke through my husband that I didn’t have to tell her same thing over and over again. I had to tell her just once and when she would come to me for something, encourage her to finish what she had been told in the first place. It worked!

7. I-know-it-all Attitude

To receive the ultimate wisdom that comes from God alone, you need to be hungry for more knowledge and understanding. Persons who go about with I-know-it-all attitude cannot receive more and grow.

I have identified two types of people with this I-know-it-all attitude.

The first type are those who are often told they are wrong and they get so tired of listening to it that they put on I-know-it-all attitude out of defense. I used to be one of them before God healed my soul and showed me that He is there not to tell me how often I am wrong, but how often I am right because I am His child.

The second type of people, are those who have gained so much books knowledge with their own efforts and have been acknowledged and may be also have been quite decorated with awards locally and globally. Since they already have this huge ego, they are no longer opened to learning even from God. As a result, God fix them in situations to humble them.

8. Not taking responsibility for your life

You don’t have the habit or attitude of pushing blames. It shows how immature you are and that you can’t take responsibility for your actions. This attitude has the ability to hinder you from achieving success of you don’t stop.

Do not blame your failure on anyone rather it’s better to fail and try again. In the event that you fail in trying out new things, it does not mean the end for you; rather, it has created an opportunity for you to try again and again until you succeed.

One more thing, you must stop blaming your parents for not being born into a rich Family as some people were; neither blames the government for not giving you a good job. All these and many others are just lame excuses of those who are not responsible for their lives and as such making progress in life becomes a rocket science for them.

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