Taylor Swift’s Special Song in ‘TTPD’ is Dedicated to Travis Kelce

Amidst the excitement around Taylor Swift’s upcoming album, The Tortured Poet’s Department, a purported leak has sent fans into a frenzy, particularly for a track rumored to be about her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

An unpublished song named “The Alchemy” from the 34-year-old singer’s new album apparently has multiple references to American football, fueling conjecture among Swift fans that the song is dedicated to her fiancé, Kelce, a Kansas City Chiefs tight end and recent Super Bowl 2024 champion. Lyrics about touchdowns, winning streaks, and trophies sparked a flurry of fan speculations online.



“‘The Alchemy’ is clearly about Travis lmao touchdown, greatest in the league, gloves on the bench… ‘Where’s the trophy, he just comes running over to me.'” wrote one user on X (previously Twitter). Another fan further connected the dots by saying, “Alchemy is about something you thought was gold but it’s really not and it has to do with metals and Taylor called Travis’ gesture on his podcast ‘metal as hell’ and i think she’ll write about what love being golden actually feels like once you get out of the alchemy.”



Some Swift fans, however, believe the song is more about the pop star’s ex, Matty Healy, with whom she had a brief liaison in 2023 after her six-year engagement with Joe Alwyn ended.

“There’s maybe one song about Matty. “I have no idea why people think the entire album is him… no, it’s literally just the alchemy,” one X user commented. “The Alchemy is about Travis.” Is everyone missing the heroin line? “That has Matty written all over it,” added another.



Fans continued to put on their detective hats, looking into more lyrics about “beer sticking to the floor,” which strengthened the connection even more. This could be a reference to the “Getaway Car” singer’s own Super Bowl appearance, during which she was photographed sipping beer, a habit also shared by her lover, Kelce.



In fact, earlier this month, the 34-year-old NFL player was photographed sipping a beer at a New Heights event, highlighting the song’s alleged personal touches.

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