Taylor Swift’s New Album Gets Reaction From Her Ex’s Family

Unsurprisingly, the debut of Taylor Swift’s 11th album has prompted admirers to match the star’s daring lyrics with the appropriate ex-boyfriend. While several of the songs on The Tortured Poets Department are said to be about her split from British actor Joe Alwyn, with whom she was in a six-year relationship, fans believe a couple of the songs with the most contemptuous lyrics were inspired by her briefer relationship with British pop star Matt Healy, frontman for the band The 1975.



The couple was together for a few months in spring 2023, and fans believe the song The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived is about that time. The lyrics mention a man wearing a “Jehovah’s Witness suit… who the f*** was that guy?”. And she added, “You attempted to purchase some medications from a friend of a friend of mine. They simply stopped contacting you. “Now you know how it feels…



In response to the track’s release, Healy’s aunt, Debbie Dedes, stated of her nephew, “Nothing shocks him anymore. He won’t be surprised by the music. “He and she know what happened.” According to the publication, Dedes also said “She writes about all of her romances, doesn’t she? I doubt it will surprise him at all.



“He’s quite pleased in his new relationship, and I’m sure he will be focusing on that”. Other songs include So Long, London, which appear to refer to Swift’s return to the United States after living in the UK city with Alwyn during their relationship. Alwyn, who was usually discreet during the couple’s relationship, has yet to respond to any of the lyrics supposedly about him.



Swift’s new beau, NFL player Travis Kelce, appears to have inspired a more positive ode. Fans believe the song “The Alchemy” is about him and his recent Super Bowl victory, with lyrics like “Chiefs chanting ’cause they said. There was no chance. Trying to be the best in the league. Where is the trophy? He just runs up to me.”

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