Taylor Swift’s Ex Finally Reacts to TTPD ‘Diss Track’

Matty Healy is the first of The Tortured Poets Department’s suspected song subjects to open up about Taylor Swift’s new album. TMZ received video of a conversation between Healy, whom Swift briefly dated last summer, and a photographer this morning in Los Angeles.



The photographer asked Healy how he thought Swift’s “diss track” about him stacked up against the other 30 tracks on the album. Healy responded perplexedly, “My diss track?” He went on to say, “Oh, I haven’t really listened to that much of it [the album], but I’m sure it’s good.”



More than one tune on Tortured Poets is thought to be about Healy and his years-long relationship with Swift. While the couple dated officially in May 2023 before splitting up in early June 2023, they had a love relationship in late 2014. They were friendly in between their flings.



Fans have suggested that Swift’s songs “The Tortured Poets Department,” “Guilty as Sin?”, “But Daddy I Love Him,” “Down Bad,” “The Black Dog,” “I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)” and “Fresh Out the Slammer” are about Healy.

The day Swift’s album was out, two insiders told Us Weekly about Healy’s reaction to it. According to one source, Swift’s staff informed Healy about the album. He was “really appreciative” of it, according to the insider, and he was concerned that their narrative would be portrayed negatively. [He was concerned that] the public would not get the complete story.”



“[He was] also very nervous about the Swifties [but is] happy he can move on with less anxiety,” the source went on to say. “Their relationship was fast, but extremely passionate and real.” According to the insider, the former couple no longer speaks, but they had a close bond.Healy “will always have a special place for her.”



Debbie Dedes, Healy’s aunt, also discussed how her nephew inspired a song on Swift’s double album. “Does she write about all her relationships? “I don’t think it will surprise him at all,” she told The Daily Mail about her nephew. “He’s very happy in his new relationship so I’m sure he will be focusing on that.”

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