Taylor Swift wins Travis Kelce’s heart with ‘humble’ gesture

Travis Kelce's Teammate Shares How Much Taylor Swift Comes Up in the Locker Room

Taylor Swift appears to have ‘enchanted’ her beau Travis Kelce with how seamlessly she gels in with his family. The Kansas City Chiefs TE is very close to his family, appreciates the Grammy-musician’s humility despite her fame.



“Everybody knows how close Travis is with his family,” a source told Us Weekly. “So, it really means everything to him how seamlessly Taylor blends in with all of them.”



Taylor Swift wins Travis Kelce’s heart with ‘humble’ gesture



The insider added that despite her fame, Travis “appreciates how humble” the Anti-Hero singer is because that’s “exactly” how his family is, too. “His family is all about just hanging out, joking, and having a great time,” the source said as the musician fits into their dynamic easily.

“It’s almost like she’s known his family forever, and he loves that about her.” Taylor is “really is super down to earth and gets along with everybody,” the insider noted.



The Lavender Haze singer attended the Chiefs vs. Bills game on Sunday, where she seemingly met her boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law Kylie Kelce for the first time.



Taylor Swift wins Travis Kelce’s heart with ‘humble’ gesture



“Family is one of the most important things to him, so seeing Jason and his parents joke around with Taylor, he can just feel this sense of how well she meshes with all of them. It’s an amazing feeling.”

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