Taylor Swift Told Paul McCartney Why She Always Sings ‘Love Story’

Taylor Swift Told Paul McCartney Why She Always Sings ‘Love Story’

Taylor Swift‘s “Love Story” era was her equivalent of The Beatles’ “She Loves You” era. Both periods were young musicians figuring themselves out and making bubblegum music. Swift once told Paul McCartney that he influenced her to always sing “Love Story.” Swift also revealed what it’s like to perform the same track over “300 million times.”



Taylor Swift has the same attitude toward ‘Love Story’ and ‘Shake It Off’
In a 2020 Rolling Stone article, Swift and Paul interviewed each other. Swift had lots of praise for the “Silly Love Songs” singer.

“I think that learning that lesson from you taught me at a really important stage in my career that if people want to hear ‘Love Story” and “Shake It Off,’ and I’ve played them 300 million times, play them the 300-millionth-and-first time,” she said. “I think there are times to be selfish in your career, and times to be selfless, and sometimes they line up.”



Paul discussed how his childhood impacted his approach to his live shows. “I always remembered going to concerts as a kid, completely before The Beatles, and I really hoped they would play the ones I loved,” he said.

“And if they didn’t, it was kind of disappointing. I had no money, and the family wasn’t wealthy. So this would be a big deal for me, to save up for months to afford the concert ticket.”



Taylor Swift’s relationship to ‘Love Story’ isn’t like Paul McCartney’s relations to his songs
Swift is entirely correct. Artists should play their most famous songs for fans seeing them live for the first time.

It’s the reason why she will always play “Love Story,” Paul will always play “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” Britney Spears will always play “… Baby One More Time,” and The Rolling Stones will always play “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” With this in mind, a seasoned artist will ensure their setlist includes a good mix of new songs and beloved classics.



The “Cardigan” singer’s comment is fascinating considering she said it to Paul. Paul has been continually performing many of the same songs well before Swift was born. He has played The Beatles’ “Love Me Do” since the early 1960s.

If anyone understands Swift’s words, it’s Paul! Who knows how the “All Too Well” singer will feel about “Love Story” when she’s been singing it live for six decades!



Paul McCartney revealed his approach to live shows
During a 2009 interview with Billboard, Paul discussed his philosophy for live shows. He mixes the songs he wants to do with tracks he knows his audience wants to hear.

The “Band on the Run” singer is also open to feedback. After he performs, he asks people what they thought of his setlist.



Of course, it’s impossible to get to each of your hit singles in one set when you’re a superstar like Paul.

The show would have to be several hours long! Considering she’s likely the biggest artist of the new millennium, Swift is likely in the same situation. That’s a good problem to have. It shows how many of their tunes have affected people all over the world.

Swift has been entertaining audiences for nearly two decades and we hope she’ll be singing “Love Story” for many years to come.

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