Taylor Swift Seen Emerging From Cleaning Cart at Melbourne Concert

Taylor Swift’s top-secret method of entering the stage during her Australian stadium gigs has been revealed. A video taken to Instagram from her Melbourne gig on Friday night shows a guy wheeling a cleaning cart past the audience and to the side of the stage at the MCG.







He then pulls up the cart behind a black tent, and Swift emerges in full costume as she climbs up a set of steps to backstage. “Yep, it’s true … Taylor getting out of the ‘Cleaning Cart’ night 1 in Melbourne!,” Melbourne social media creator Joel Stewart wrote alongside the video.






Taylor Swift has warned fans to desist from tossing gifts on stage as it freaks her out



Swift’s stage setup at the MCG did not match the stadium’s underground access points, leaving her with little alternative but to be moved in front of thousands of ardent fans, many of whom had no idea such important cargo was within. Adele used a similar strategy of moving incognito through the throng when she toured Australia in 2017.

The UK singer sang in the round at one of the country’s largest athletic stadiums, where there was no underground access to the pitch, leaving her with only one way to reach to her starting position before the performance.



Her disguise was discovered halfway through the tour, when spectators suspected she was hidden inside a massive black box that was being moved around the audience before to the show. The actress later informed the audience in Adelaide that she was “scared” that others had found her secret admission method.



“I’ve done countless gigs in that box, and it’s been a disaster. This time, when I came out, you all knew I was there. I was afraid. I am not lying. “I was scared,” she admitted at the time. “So now, I’ll just walk out and ruin the surprise and be like ‘Oh hello, hello!'” Swift has previously been observed arriving to her concerts in a cleaning cart.

A fan took film of the megastar emerging from a big cart in April, just before her show in Arlington, Texas, wearing her opening Lover-inspired attire. The 14-time Grammy winner arrived in Sydney on her private jet around midday on Monday, before being whisked away to her top-secret housing.



It was speculated that she will be staying at Crown Sydney’s Presidential Villa, as the hotel is the Eras Tour’s official partner. However, subsequent rumors claim Swift has reserved a private mansion in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

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