Taylor Swift Inspired Super Bowl Ad Gets Fans Emotional

A lot of entertaining and instructive Super Bowl commercials are being released ahead of the big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Cetaphil, on the other hand, adds a sentimental touch by demonstrating how fathers and daughters have discovered a shared love in football amidst Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship.



It’s no surprise that many Swifties are watching NFL games, specifically Chiefs games, to see if they can spot Swift and her tight end beau. This season, the Grammy winner has attended over ten Kansas City Chiefs games.

Cetaphil, a skin care brand, published its most recent advertisement on February 9th, depicting a father desperately seeking to bond with his daughter while watching football. The daughter appears to ignore her father and goes to her room to apply some face cream. She then hears the sports announcer say, “Well, folks, there she is,” presumably referring to the pop diva on screen.



As the girl comes downstairs to watch the game, her father turns up the sound, and the announcer adds, “The most famous fan of the game.” The ad never expressly mentions Swift or Kelce.



The commercial continues with the father giving his daughter a No. 13 red jersey, which happens to be Swift’s favorite number and Chiefs colors, and him applying cream to his face.

The two then begin watching a football game together, sporting red jerseys and wrists adorned with friendship bracelets, another accessory popularized by Swifties during her “Eras Tour” and how Swift and Kelce first met when he attempted to give her his phone number on a bracelet.



“This season, dads and daughters found a new way to connect,” the commercial continues, before revealing that the characters in the ad are a real father and daughter from New York. In an additional message posted on its YouTube page, the corporation said: “Dads and daughters everywhere have gotten closer due of a certain globe-trotting eras singer yelling from the football sidelines, and we’re here for it.



So this season, we’re urging fathers and daughters to get closer to each other’s worlds, with daughters sharing their love of skincare and fathers sharing their love of the game.”

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