Taylor Swift Gives BFF, Brittany Mahomes Tour of Her Private Jet

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes boarded their private jet together. In exclusive DailyMail.com photos, Brittany Mahomes was seen getting out of a black Lamborghini SUV and onto the jet about 10 minutes before Swift arrived.



Mahomes was dressed entirely in black, with matching high shoes. Brittany dressed in a black and red letterman’s jacket with her husband’s No. 15 printed on the back to keep warm in the 20-degree weather. Taylor came shortly afterwards in a black GMC, accompanied by her security team. As she boarded the plane, her attendants set up umbrellas to conceal any prying eyes.



Brittany Mahomes got a personal tour of the aircraft from Taylor Swift, as their friendship continues to blossom.



Swift did not leave Kelce’s $6 million mansion on Sunday until she made the 25-mile trip to Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport in downtown Kansas City around 3:30pm. Prior to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl appearance, there was speculation that Swift’s friendship with Kelce, which heightened his popularity, brought pressure to him and his teammates, resulting in a dismal regular season.

Of course, they silenced everyone by winning their fourth Super Bowl in five years, but it hasn’t stopped trolls from attacking Swift. Swift has grown a friendship with the wife of Patrick Mahomes, Brittany. Mahomes and Kelce have become maybe the best duo in NFL history since Mahomes took over in 2018.





Mrs. Mahomes repeated Barkley’s quip and sentiment. “Let. Them. Know,” she said on her Instagram story, according to the New York Post. Swift is likely to be at the Super Bowl despite having a show in Tokyo the night before, but with Tokyo being 17 hours behind the site of the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, she can be in southern Nevada for more than 24 hours before kickoff.

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