Taylor Swift Ex Fernando Alonso’s Savage Reply to New TTPD Album

The Aston Martin F1 team has cheekily shot out at Taylor Swift after a lyrical ‘dig’ from her latest album that appears to allude to her brief affair with their driver, Fernando Alonso. Swift’s purported brief relationship with Alonso in 2023 came before she moved on to NFL star Travis Kelce. Alonso appears to have inspired some of Swift’s caustic lyrics on her new album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department’.



In her song ‘imgonnagetyouback,’ Swift sings: “I’m an Aston Martin that you steered straight into the ditch, then ran and hid,” which fans assume is a tribute to their previous romance, continuing her practice of incorporating old flames into her music. Following the album’s release last Friday, Aston Martin posted a sneaky reply on TikTok. The post shows Alonso reading on a tablet while Swift’s song plays in the background, before he gestures for silence with his finger to his lips.



Originally, the clip showed Alonso addressing rumors of quitting Aston Martin, only to confirm his stay with a new two-year contract. Despite fan reaction, the move appeared to pique the interest of many Swift fans, who complimented the F1 team’s clever jab.




One fan wrote, “I’m a Swiftie forever, but I have to admit that this is brilliant,” while another joked, “Whoever posted this needs a raise… very, very good,” and a third said, “When I heard the song, my first thought was Aston admin is going to make a TikTok about this.”

Although Alonso and Swift were rumored to be in a relationship, they have never confirmed it and there are no shared photos of them on social media, prompting many to dismiss it as just speculation. However, with Swift’s current album released last Friday, suspicions about their prior relationship are becoming more credible.



One ecstatic admirer said, “The Taylonso confirmation we needed,” and another added, “Taylonso is real.” Swift was seen with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Kelce shortly after the purported Alonso-Swift affair. The couple began dating in August and made their first public appearance as a couple the following month at a Chiefs vs Chicago Bears game.

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