Scott Swift Responds to Investigation Into Assault on Photographer

Scott has been a regular at his daughter’s gigs for almost a decade, and he recently joined the “Anti-Hero” singer in Australia for the international part of her record-breaking tour.







The father of two is known for handing out guitar picks to Swift fans, but he appears to have mixed things up this weekend by handing out meals to famished concertgoers.

In a viral TikTok video, Papa Swift was seen bending over the barricades separating the general public and the VIP area to give fans some of the food from inside the exclusive tent.



Internet Mocks Taylor Swift's Background Dancers as Concert Clip Goes Viral Online





In the video, Scott adorably held a lamp over the tray of food, allowing fans to choose their sandwich before returning to their seats to watch the show.

Despite a concert playing in the background, he could be heard asking people to “help yourselves”, so it’s surprising to imagine such a sweet man assaulting someone else. Although it can also be expected, because everyone knows Scott Swift will do anything to protec his daughter, especially from the media.



We’re told the alleged assault happened approximately 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday. McDonald did not require medical care. McDonald has revealed that Scott, 71, and the pop diva, 34, were out partying when the alleged assault took place. The man alleges Scott “charged” at him after the father-daughter couple exited their luxury superyacht for the evening.

Scott Swift in his defense said ‘He was only trying to protect his daughter’. Scott explained that he wanted Taylor to get a break from all the buzz, so when the photographer began to get aggressive because he was trying to get a clear photo of Taylor, he had to take action.



“She got off the boat, walked towards security guards who were shoving umbrellas in our faces, and then he charged,” the photographer told the newspaper. McDonald believes Scott attacked him on the left side of the face, resulting in “very sore chops.”

The paparazzi claims that he did nothing to provoke the protective father. “He probably decided he needed to defend his daughter, for some reason,” he told the newspaper. “In 23 years I have never seen anything like it,” he said. However, a rep for the 14-time Grammy winner stated that “two individuals were aggressively pushing their way towards Taylor, grabbing at her security personnel, and threatening to throw a female staff member into the water.”

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