Police Reportedly Preparing for Taylor Swift to Make An Appearance At ‘New Heights Live’

Police Reportedly Preparing for Taylor Swift to Make An Appearance At ‘New Heights Live’

While everyone knows that Jason and Travis Kelce are already at the University of Cincinnati for the New Heights live show, one guest’s presence is still not confirmed.



Many are wondering if Taylor Swift will be at Fifth-Third Arena to see her boyfriend have some fun in front of the 92%ers. So with that, the University of Cincinnati police gave an update on her status. Or at least what they know about that.





“So unfortunately, I do not know. And I still don’t know, that’s an honest answer,” the officer said (via Local12’s Chelsea Sick). “However, we have not been told that. That’s one of the reasons for the preparation.

“We are preparing as if she is going to be here; however, we do not know. So we would rather be prepared than not.”



But regardless, the fans are prepared for Swift and even are wearing an accessory that she has become very well known for.

Many people were wearing friendship bracelets, celebrating the show.



However, while Taylor Swift is a maybe, one popular member of the Kelce family is definitely going to be there.

Donna Kelce showed up to support her sons.

So with Jason and Travis plus Mama Kelce, it’s bound to be a good show.



Doors are set to open at 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 11. While the event has been moved inside, they are still planning to pull out all the stops. So let’s see what they have in store.

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