Peta Reacts to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Going on Sydney Zoo Date

Peta Reacts To Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Going On Sydney Zoo Date

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce‘s Sydney Zoo date was cute and all … but PETA says they should’ve been mindful of how the animals are treated/handled in this type of environment.



Debbie Metzler — PETA Foundation Director of Captive Animal Welfare — uses Taylor’s own song against her to make her point … telling TMZ, “While we understand all too well the appeal of seeing Australia’s wildlife, PETA hopes that next time Taylor and Travis want to see wild animals, they’ll spend their time and money at a true sanctuary.”



 Peta Reacts To Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Going On Sydney Zoo Date



They add that a sanctuary is a better choice ’cause visitors aren’t allowed to feed/touch the animals there … in fact, they’re required to keep a respectful distance from them altogether. The zoo there, on the other hand, apparently lets you get hands-on with the wildlife.

Of course, Traylor was doing one of the things PETA advised not to do … namely, feeding a kangaroo at Sydney Zoo while also checking out a bunch of other animal exhibitions.



The lovebirds were like two kids in a candy store … enjoying their time at the attraction during their first Sydney reunion date. However, Taylor seems to have known they’d have a blast there — as she’d already scoped out the place earlier the previous day.

Peta Reacts To Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Going On Sydney Zoo Date



Of course, the pair are just trying to pack in as much time together as possible before Tay Tay gets busy with her final 4 Sydney concerts — but on this animal adventure specifically, PETA clearly disapproves.

For next time, Taylor and Travis might want to take PETA’s advice and head to a local animal sanctuary on their next date … that is, if they actually care what the org thinks about it.



As you’re probably well aware — PETA tends to sound off on any and all celebs who they feel are acting inappropriately as it pertains to animals/animal rights — and here … they’re saying Taylor and Travis should’ve considered a better option for sightseeing.

Can’t please everyone.

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