Patrick Mahomes Throws A Bomb At Miami Grand Prix

Patrick Mahomes Throws A Bomb At Miami Grand Prix

In case you didn’t know by now, Patrick Mahomes is really good at throwing footballs. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, who invested in Alpine F1 last year, attended Sunday’s Miami Grand Prix.



Before the race, Mahomes showed off his uncanny arm strength and accuracy. Alpine posted a video of Mahomes firing a pass from one side of Miami International Autodrome to the other.





The spiral hit a crew member waiting in the stands right on the money for a deep completion. Mahomes’ ability to heave the ball so far may get more attention, but hitting someone standing across the opposite end of Hard Rock Stadium is arguably more impressive.

Also, good thing the guy completed the cool highlight by catching it. Mahomes purchased a stake in Alpine F1 alongside Chiefs teammate Travis Kelce in October.



Patrick Mahomes Throws A Bomb At Miami Grand Prix



Both stars were in Miami to watch the highly anticipated race. “I think everybody can see the appeal,” Mahomes said when investing last fall. “I’ve been able to get to a couple races now, seeing the environment, and then obviously watching the Drive to Survive on Netflix, you see how competitive it is.



“Any time you get an opportunity to get in on that, I mean, I’m as competitive as anyone can get, so hopefully it can open up to some great opportunities and we are able to go to some of those races and have a little stake in the game.”

The Miami Grand Prix is underway on ABC.

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