Patrick Mahomes Reveals How the Ravens Forced Him to Change

Patrick Mahomes Reveals How the Ravens Forced Him to Change

NFL defenses are used to adjusting to Patrick Mahomes, but the Baltimore Ravens made the five-time Pro-Bowl quarterback change his ways.



Speaking on an edition of the “ManningCast” for ESPN, Kansas City Chiefs’ signal-caller Mahomes revealed all about an adjustment he had to make at M&T Bank Stadium.





Asked by Eli Manning if he ever uses non-verbal signals to communicate with his offensive line in loud venues, Mahomes admitted he’s only made two exceptions in a clip relayed by Bleacher Report’s Jordan Schultz. The two-time league MVP said, “I’m mostly verbal.”

“The one time I’ve been silent is in Baltimore and in Seattle, where I’ve had to, under center, kind of have to go verbal, or the signals to the offensive linemen.”





“It was so loud in those stadiums that the tackles couldn’t hear me.” It’s not often Mahomes is made to feel uncomfortable, but the Ravens and their rabid crowd have successfully taken the game’s best player out of his comfort zone.

Their success is ironic, since M&T Bank Stadium has been anything but a fortress this season, with two of the Ravens’ three defeats occurring on home soil.



There’s also the not-so small matter of Mahomes owning a dominant record over the Ravens. The best way to change it is for the 7-3 Ravens to beat the 7-2 Chiefs to homefield advantage for the AFC playoffs.

Maintaining leads at home is a growing problem for the Ravens. It cost them against the Cleveland Browns in Week 10, when the Ravens let a 31-17 advantage disappear in the fourth quarter. Ravens are making a habit of losing games they should win, a flaw likely to cost them in the race for conference supremacy.

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