Packers Can Embarrass a Rival Without Even Playing Them

Packers Can Embarrass a Rival Without Even Playing Them

The Green Bay Packers have a tough battle to make the postseason this season. That being said, 28% is better than 0%. ESPN analytics still gives them better than a 1/4 chance to get into the playoffs in the NFC.



The evolution of quarterback Jordan Love is a major reason that Green Bay has any opportunity to play playoff football this year. He’s grown a lot since his early days as an NFL starter.



Love’s stats back that up, too. Love has thrown for 3,587 passing yards, 27 TDs, and 11 interceptions. He’s ran for 246 yards and three touchdowns as well. Been a well-rounded campaign for Love. The Packers QB can dig the knife a bit deeper into a rival in Week 17. Green Bay does not even play them on Sunday.

Jordan Love needs 251 yards and a touchdown to officially have more yards and touchdowns in a single season than any QB in Chicago Bears franchise history.





The Bears have never had a 4,000-yard passer in their team’s history. They’re the only franchise to not have one. His teammates do not lack confidence in their signal caller, either. Many of them believe that Love is ‘the guy’ for the Packers future.

Love’s growth both physically and mentally over the past couple of seasons cannot be understated. He’s led multiple clutch drives for Green Bay, and his upside is impressive. Folks have gained confidence in him, and he deserves it.



Love can rub salt in the wound for the rival Bears in Week 17 with a solid performance against the Minnesota Vikings.

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