Old Travis Kelce Tweet Goes Viral After Taylor Swift’s Album Release

Travis Kelce Shares the 'Absolute Best' Post-Game Ritual That Involves Taylor Swift

An old tweet from Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is trending on social media following the album release from his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.



Swift released her “The Tortured Poets Department” on Friday at midnight. The 30-plus song double-album quickly went viral, with millions of listens.





A 2011 tweet from Kelce has gone viral in reaction to the album release. Taylor Swift fans loved it. “LISTENING TO THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT,” one fan wrote. “Sure is! Let’s GO!,” one fan added. “THIRTY ONE (31!!!!) SONGS” one fan added. “He really does have a tweet for everything!” another fan wrote.

“How I also felt with the new album,” another fan wrote. “31 NEW SONGS IN THE SPAN OF 2 HOURS,” another fan added.



The Rolling Stone gave Swift’s album a very flattering review, unsurprisingly: Even by Swiftian standards, she gets wildly ambitious with her songwriting here.



Old Travis Kelce Tweet Goes Viral After Taylor Swift's Album Release



This is an album that begins with an introductory poem by Stevie Nicks. The title song’s chorus goes, “You’re not Dylan Thomas/I’m not Patti Smith/This ain’t the Chelsea Hotel/We’re modern idiots.” In other words, it’s the small-town teen romance of “White Horse” updated for the big old city.

Until you remember that the tortured poet Dylan Thomas famously died at his favorite Greenwich Village bar — which happened to be the White Horse Tavern. That’s the level she’s working on here.

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