NY Jets stars’ post-game tweets send troubling message

NY Jets stars’ post-game tweets send troubling message

The New York Jets were eliminated from the playoffs following their 30-0 loss in Miami, and now that the team’s once-promising season has officially been squashed, drama is starting to squeeze its way out of it’s locker room.



On Twitter, some Jets players have been “liking” some posts that are causing fans to wonder whether the locker room is falling apart.





One of those players is running back Breece Hall, who has been liking posts that point out the immense struggles of the Jets’ offensive line. Likely looking for some self-motivation, Hall has also been liking posts of fans who are criticizing his lack of production.

Another interesting piece of Twitter activity came from wide receiver Garrett Wilson, who called out an aggregation account for claiming Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey had Wilson “in jail” on a play where Ramsey broke up a pass intended for Wilson.



In the clip, however, you can see Wilson had Ramsey beat, and Ramsey only got to break up the pass because the ball was thrown late and behind.





Wilson is correct in his claim that the so-called “Football Is Life” did not properly assess the play, but it’s another example of a Jets star taking to social media to vent frustrations after an embarrassing loss, particularly by interacting with posts that pin the blame on another Jets player for the star’s lack of production.

Hall and Wilson are completely justified to be frustrated with how the performances of their teammates have hurt their own production, and therefore, the success of the entire team.

With that being said, the activity of the team’s star players on social media certainly sends a questionable message about the state of the locker room.

Or, perhaps it means nothing and we’re reading into it too much. Nevertheless, when a team is eliminated from the playoffs in Week 15 after entering the season with legitimate Super Bowl aspirations, every move is going to be overanalyzed. That’s just the nature of the NFL, and, of course, the New York media market.

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