NFL World Reacts to Patrick Mahomes Announcement

NFL World Reacts to Patrick Mahomes Announcement

The 2028 Summer Olympics in Paris, France, will be historic since it will be the first time Flag Football has been included as an Olympic sport. Many NFL players have shown an interest in playing for Team USA Flag Football. And Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs’ standout quarterback, may be added to that long list.



Mahomes is clearly one of the most gifted athletes in the world, having won the MVP award and helped the Chiefs win the Super Bowl last year. The Chiefs are on track to be one of the top contenders to win the Super Bowl again this season. And Mahomes’ outstanding play this season is undoubtedly a significant reason why.



Having perhaps the best player in the world in Mahomes would undoubtedly benefit Team USA in the Olympic Games in 2028. Mahomes has stated that he would like to play in the upcoming games.

Mahomes makes an excellent argument. Flag football is played very differently than NFL football, where speed is possibly the most crucial and beneficial talent to have.



Having said that, he is clearly selling himself short. And having a terrific passer like him would clearly be beneficial to Team USA. Fans took notice of Mahomes’ comments on the matter and are welcoming him with open arms to represent Team USA in the upcoming games.





Flag football was only recently named an Olympic sport for 2028, so it’s unclear if NFL players would be eligible to compete.

However, if they are permitted to compete, it is reasonable to conclude that Team USA will have a significant edge over the rest of the globe.

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