NFL Legend Shares Concerning Take For Chiefs Fans

NFL Legend Shares Concerning Take For Chiefs Fans

Ever since Patrick Mahomes became the starting quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs back in 2018, the franchise has been one of the most dominant teams in the NFL.





This season, however, things have gone a little differently for Mahomes and the Chiefs, and they haven’t been as dominant. On Sunday, Kansas City suffered a surprising loss on the road to a Green Bay Packers team that had a 2-5 record just a few weeks ago.

Some view the loss as uncharacteristic for the Chiefs, but others believe Sunday’s result is just more of the norm from the team this season, as they haven’t had the same dominant swagger this year that they’ve had in the past.



Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin recently shared on FS1’s “Undisputed” that he is among those who currently don’t know how to describe Kansas City’s current identity.



NFL Legend Shares Concerning Take For Chiefs Fans



He added that even if the Chiefs were able to get closer to the goal line on their final offensive drive of the game because of a pass-interference call that ended up being a no-call, there’s no guarantee that they would have found a way to score eight points and tie the game.

It’s not difficult to see that Kansas City isn’t as much of an offensive juggernaut this season as they were during the last few years.



At the same time, the Chiefs’ experience is still going to come in handy when the playoffs begin in a few weeks, and they should still be viewed as one of the top contenders in the AFC.

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