Matt Nagy Challenges Patrick Mahomes, TE Travis Kelce Ahead of Bills Clash

The Kansas City Chiefs have reached the stage in the regular season where the offense should be settling in after working out the wrinkles in the first few months. But that is not the case, and offensive coordinator Matt Nagy is looking to quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce to help the team right the ship.



“You start with the leaders we have; these guys have been doing it in this offense – I’m speaking of Pat (Mahomes) and (Travis) Kelce – for a long time,” Nagy said during his December 7 press conference when asked what he has tried to instill in the offense as it continues to struggle.



“I think for us mentally going into this year we (understood) that it’s going to be a different year identity-wise, we are getting that, I think we’re there, now it’s just fine-tuning it. We’ve got to have this ability to make sure that when adversity strikes, the leaders in the room take over and we as coaches can help with that as well.”

Despite the fact that Kansas City’s offense has yet to establish consistency after 13 weeks of regular season play, Nagy remains convinced that the team has what it takes to thrive down the road.



Speaking to the media on December 6, Mahomes was asked if he had sensed any loss of confidence within the Chiefs’ locker room as a consequence of the club losing two of its past three games, dropping its record to 8-4 with five games remaining in the regular season.

“I haven’t. I’ve been on a team that was 6-4 and ended up winning the Super Bowl,’ Mahomes said. “We have confidence every week that we’re going to find a way to win the football game. Obviously, these last few weeks we’ve lost a couple, but we still have that mindset”.



“We understand the challenge that’s in front of us. At the same time, all you can do is go work every single day and get better, then go out and give whatever you can on the football field.”

In Week 14, the Chiefs will meet a 6-6 Buffalo Bills team that is desperate to keep its postseason chances alive. So, following a Week 13 setback to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football, the defending Super Bowl champions don’t have an easy bounce-back attempt.

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