Matt LaFleur Has Strong Message for Future of Kicker

Matt LaFleur Has Strong Message for Future of Kicker

The Green Bay Packers made a variety of surprising and unpopular decisions following their 8-9 finish in 2022 and failure to reach the NFL Playoffs.



Matt LaFleur Has Strong Message for Future of Kicker



Not only did they decided to part ways with four-time NFL MVP and future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers by trading him to the New York Jets, they also decided to move on from the franchise’s all-time leader in points scored and games played: kicker Mason Crosby.

Carlson was met with frequent criticism throughout the offseason and training camp as he struggled to make kicks consistently in practice.



However, head coach Matt LaFleur and special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia were adamant that they were not going to give up on the sixth round pick.



Matt LaFleur Has Strong Message for Future of Kicker



Their patience has been tested, to an extent, this season as Carlson has missed 5 field goals and three extra point attempts. His latest mistake came in the Packers’ 24-22 embarrassing loss to the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. Carlson missed a 43-yard field goal attempt, but came back out later and drilled one from 48 yards out.

On Tuesday, LaFleur was asked if he still planned on remaining committed to Carlson for the rest of the season, and he gave a very decisive answer that should end all further discussion on the matter.



During his press conference on Tuesday, LaFleur discussed a variety of things, including his displeasure with the defensive play-calling during the game’s final drive.

He was also asked about the future of Anders Carlson and if the Packers will keep him as their kicker for the season’s final four games: “Absolutely. I think, you know, he’s a young kicker that obviously, you know, you have to find consistency in your game.”

“And I will say this, you know, you miss a field goal and you come back and make one in another critical situation that I want to say with three yards further. And he hits it right down the pipe.”

“He’s certainly capable. It’s just finding that consistent approach, whatever it may be, for him to go out there and consistently execute.”

Matt LaFleur Has Strong Message for Future of Kicker

“And obviously, those missed PAT’s or field goals, everything gets magnified when you lose. Every phase, so that’s kind of where we’re at.” It is interesting to note that Carlson currently has better field goal accuracy numbers than Mason Crosby did as a rookie in 2007.

In fact, Crosby did not make over 80% of his field goals until his fifth season in the NFL. The year after that, he had a career-worst 63.7% field goal percentage.

Crosby may be the Packers’ all-time leader in points and games played, but it is arguable that he had a very inconsistent career. In his 16-year career, Crosby finished with a field goal percentage under 80% seven times.

Matt LaFleur Has Strong Message for Future of Kicker

He made 90% or more of his field goal attempts just twice. With a career field goal percentage of 81.4%, Crosby is a great lesson in patience for fans in regards to Carlson. There is no questioning how beloved Crosby is among fans; but it is not like he had a smooth career either.

No one knows what the ceiling for Carlson will be yet, but he is off to a better start than Crosby got off to in 2007.

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