Matt LaFleur Addresses Rasul Douglas’ Trade Amid ‘Disrespectful’ Comments

Matt LaFleur Addresses Rasul Douglas' Trade Amid 'Disrespectful' Comments

When a team goes on a losing run, tensions are understandably high. Prior to his trade, Green Bay Packers cornerback Rasul Douglas was one of the team’s most vocal leaders, which drew attention to himself. For example, after the Packers lost their fourth consecutive game last weekend, Douglas said the following.


“We’re saying sh** but until we actually do the sh**, it don’t really matter. I’m thinking about it like, bro, I’ve never been a loser in my life. These last two years have been f***ing loser. That sh** ain’t me. I don’t think that sh**’s us. We’ve got to do something, you know what I mean?”



Because of Douglas’ presence in the locker room, reporters were able to question Packers head coach Matt LaFleur if Douglas’ statements influenced his final trade to the Buffalo Bills. This is how the conversation went:



Rasul Douglas went from a pretty quiet guy when he first got here to a vocal leader on the team. He gave us some pretty frank answers about his disappointments in the last three or four weeks, Coach Matt was asked if he stepped over the line with his comments?



Matt LaFleur in his reply said “Absolutely not. I want to set that down right away. It has nothing to do [with it]. I think he’s been a positive impact in that locker room. So, absolutely not”.

Matt LaFleur was also asked if there’s a guideline he says to the team’s veterans when it comes to what they say in the meeting rooms or what they say to us, and he replied by saying, “No, I don’t sit there and micromanage what people say. Certainly, we have a message that I give to the team every day, every time we talk to them about the things that we need to a better job with”.



“All that stuff, but these guys are going to say what they need to say, but I think most of the guys are all about the right stuff in that locker room. Rasul is certainly one of those guys”.

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