Los Angeles Rams GM Does not Hold Back on DC Raheem Morris

Los Angeles Rams GM Does not Hold Back on DC Raheem Morris

The work for general manager Les Snead has only just begun following a close loss in last week’s wild-card round for the Los Angeles Rams. L.A. has several pending free agents, veterans eligible for extensions, and an entire offseason to cover before the 2024 season begins.



Before he addressed any of that in his end-of-season press conference, Snead made sure he made his thoughts on defensive coordinator Raheem Morris well known.

Morris, the Rams’ defensive coordinator of the last three seasons, is in the process of interviewing with several teams looking for a new head coach. Snead has not had the chance to comment on Morris making the rounds and his qualifications to become a head coach again. He wasted no time doing so in Friday’s presser.



Los Angeles Rams GM Does not Hold Back on DC Raheem Morris

“Number one, I think we all know, great human being,” Snead said of his DC. “The guy is coded to respect everyone, to build a relationship with everyone, no matter where you’re at in the organization. And what’s awesome is as he does that, you just see the respect flow back in his direction. He’s coded for that. It’s a superpower that I think would help any organization.”



“He’s a highly intelligent human being who happened to choose football, and probably could have done a lot of things in life, but chose the path of football.”

Morris first entered the NFL as a head coach in 2009, taking over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the time. Morris lasted three years in Tampa and won 17 games, including a 10-win campaign in 2010. Morris has been with three different organizations since then, wearing several different hats in the process.

Los Angeles Rams GM Does not Hold Back on DC Raheem Morris



He’s been a defensive backs coach, defensive pass game coordinator, assistant head coach, wide receivers coach, offensive pass game coordinator, and interim head coach on top of working as defensive coordinator for the past four years.

Coaching both offense and defense only adds merit to Morris’ resume.

“There’s not many coaches on the planet who’s been in both of those rooms on those two sides of the ball,” Snead said. “He’s gonna give any organization an edge and just how collaborative he is, it’s going to be an edge that most teams aren’t going to be able to compete with.”



Hiring a head coach is only the start for clubs looking to start over. The staff that follows the head coach needs to fit the culture and teachings he intends on instilling. Snead sees no issue for Morris in that department.

Los Angeles Rams GM Does not Hold Back on DC Raheem Morris



“I know this, he’ll be able to hire an unbelievable staff,” Snead said. “Every coach, who’s any good, who’s qualified, they’re going to want to work for Raheem and I’m pretty sure there’ll be a lot of tampering charges because just about every player in NFL is going to texting want to come play for him. I’ll let the NFL handle that.”

Losing Morris would have the Rams take on the difficult task of replacing him, which makes Snead’s genuine appraisal all the more meaningful. If Morris’ success maximizing the Rams’ defense is any indication of his abilities, any interested club would be lucky to have him.

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