Latest NFL news makes Packers loss to Bucs even worse

Rob Gronkowski Reveals Playoff Prediction for Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Green Bay Packers dropped their second straight game on Sunday, this time to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, after an excellent month-and-a-half that reinvigorated the 2023 season.



It was a very tough loss. The Packers defense was lit up to the tune of a season-high 34 points as Baker Mayfield and co. made big play after big play to win the game.



Latest NFL news makes Packers loss to Bucs even worse



And when I say big play after big play, I mean it: The Bucs offense registered at least 10 plays of 21+ yards or more on the day. Now, the Packers are 6-8 on the year. And, they have been knocked out of the seventh seed by the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints beat the New York Giants, 24-6, earlier in the day and are now sitting at No. 7 in the NFC’s playoff race. As it currently stands the Packers are sitting at No. 11.



They won’t be able to get back in until Week 16, at the earliest, and even then the likelihood of that happening still depends on the rest of today’s games.



Latest NFL news makes Packers loss to Bucs even worse



Green Bay now officially faces a must-win scenario over the last three weeks of the season if they want to make the playoffs. Fortunately, it all starts with the Carolina Panthers in Week 16. After the Panthers, it’s the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears.

The Vikings already beat the Pack, 24-10, back in Week 8. But those were two different teams, at the time, and the Vikings are certainly beatable. Especially if they can’t get a grip on the quarterback position.

The Bears are beatable too, but appear to be finding their stride at the perfect time. Chicago has now won three straight games and is 6-8 on the year.

Latest NFL news makes Packers loss to Bucs even worse

But, one would be foolish to discount the mental advantage the Packers clearly have over Matt Eberflus’ squad. Still, anything can happen. The Packers were sitting pretty just a couple weeks ago, with a 62% chance of making the playoffs, per the New York Times’ playoff machine.

But now, they have a 31% chance – their odds have been sliced in half. It’s do-or-die, moving forward. We’ll see how the team responds, but if they don’t figure something out fast then they’ll quickly realize the season ends after the first week of January.

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